Robert Pollard

The Friday Fire Track: Robert Pollard – “Subspace Biographies”

Trying something a bit different today as the Friday Fire Track goes back to 1998 and features a song from Robert Pollard’s sophomore solo record Waved Out. “Subspace Biographies” is easily one of my favorite Robert Pollard solo songs with its gentle opening before its foot tapping charge keeps the high kicks going.

The song just keeps moving and churning as it almost drowns out Pollard’s lyrics near its conclusion to an amplified perfection. When Pollard asks, “Captain, are you sure they’re coming in?” the track just nails it. “Subspace Biographies” is another solid pop rock song in Pollard’s massive collection that has a timeless vibe as it sounds as fresh in 2018 as it did in 1998.

The good news is that Rockathon Records has just released a remastered reissue on a nice looking Blue vinyl TODAY! It also includes a promo press photo from the era. You can see both below. Don’t just take our word for it – Waved Out should be in your collection and this Blue LP variant should be a must add to any collector. Enjoy your Friday and pick this up at the Rockathon link below!

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Guided By Voices – “The Official Ironmen Rally Song” [Video Classic]

After premiering another track today from Suitcase 4 it only seemed appropriate to reach back into the GBV video catalog for a classic. “The Official Ironmen Rally Song” had its own EP release in February of 1996 and then was included on the great record, Under The Bushes Under The Stars which was released the following month.

I have always liked this video because of its mini history of the group through pictures. Enjoy and salute!