Rick Rude: Make Mine Tuesday [Album Review]

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Rick Rude
Make Mine Tuesday
TinyRadars/Sophomore Lounge Records [2017]


Who: New Hampshire’s Rick Rude make a lasting impression with Make Mine Tuesday.

Sound: Make Mine Tuesday is a stunning debut album that is sure to make people who like Built to Spill, Heartless Bastards and The Pauses swoon.

TFN Final Take: Another “Better Late than Never” review for this wonderful record. Make Mine Tuesday was released back in January of this year, so in terms of reviewer timeliness, I am way off. However, since I have been sharing this band in various Facebook music groups for the past few months and it is catching people’s attention that never heard of Rick Rude, it is still quite relevant and necessary.

Rick Rude employ a rather extensive range of sounds and influences in Make Mine Tuesday. Tracks like “Bald and Fat in Houston, TX” (great song title), “Shroud and Shell” and “Sierra L’mist” start slow with an alt-country/Americana vibe before giving way to some exhilarating Built to Spill-ish moments.

The juxtaposition of quiet moments to the heavier ones does not just occur within an individual track, but all across the LP. Instead of feeling all over the place, Make Mine Tuesday has an odd sense of continuity between the varied tracks.

When bassist Jordan Holtz provides the vocals, (her voice and the songs remind me of a mix between Erika Wennerstrom’s Heartless Bastards and Tierney Tough from The Pauses) the band sounds completely different from their earlier established sound.

If you want to hear a LP that keeps you on your toes and is not afraid to drift between Built to Spill indie rock guitar moments but also hit you with some power-pop riffs right out of a Weezer or Pixies playbook, give Rick Rude a chance. Make Mine Tuesday is one of the better releases for 2017 and this band seems to have a bright future ahead of them.

Rick Rude Website
Rick Rude Facebook
Sophomore Lounge Records

– Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

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