Sleepies: Time v Pleasure [Album Review]

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Time v Pleasure
Self-Released [2020]

Who: Sleepies awake from their three year hiatus to deliver a unique take on their sound.

Sound: Sleepies branch off from their established jangly post-punk sound and dive into the early years of stripped-down post-punk with stunning results.

I have been a fan of Sleepies since I heard the herky-jerky Cool Boy in 2012. Weird Wild World, their 2nd LP, was a mind-blowing album and made Sleepies a staple for my post-punk listening sessions. Every single, every EP, and every album was something wonderful to explore and enjoy. Fast forward to 2020 and we find Sleepies refining their sound for a more stringent, stripped-down album. It seethes with tension and motorik precision on the majority of its nine tracks.

Time v Pleasure offers a few hints of Sleepies past with tracks “Ancient Dirt” and “Sleep v Pleasure” but for the most part, this is a modest departure from anything they have ever done. You still know you are listening to Sleepies, but things are much more refined and taut. They certainly do not suffer for the change. Time v Pleasure is instantly catchy and memorable.

The band has once again pulled out all the stops and delivered another fantastic album. Time v Pleasure will most certainly be one of the bright spots this year and will be high on my list of favorite albums for 2020.

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-Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

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