Spoon Vinyl Gratification Initiative Limited 10-Inch w/ Indie Pre-Order

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Beginning July 15, participating independent record stores will be listed at vinylgratification.com. Fans who pre-order Spoon’s They Want My Soul (out August 5 on Loma Vista) will immediately receive the aforementioned limited edition 45 RPM vinyl 10-inch.

On or after They Want My Soul’s August 5 release, those who bring their receipts back to the store where they pre-ordered will receive a stunning 180g white vinyl copy of the LP housed in a heavy 20-pt paper sleeve. Included on the 10″ is the first single from the album “Do You” which can also be heard here. You can read more below from main Spoon man Britt Daniel on the initiative.

Britt Daniel says of the initiative:

A few weeks ago as we were figuring out how to roll out the new Spoon album I kept coming back to this: why do we incentivize people to buy our music from big outlets but we don’t extend the same courtesy to actual record stores? Case in point: why do we encourage listeners to buy early by offering “instant gratification” tracks for pre-orders of the digital album, yet there’s no special motivation for buying music from Waterloo or Reckless Records? And there’s no incentive to buy the format that so many of those listeners prefer—an actual physical item they can hold and read and play on a turntable.

So I came up with an idea, and today I’m pretty ecstatic to be able introduce the Vinyl Gratification program. It’s the first program of its kind; it encourages pre-ordering a vinyl copy of our new album They Want My Soul at independent record stores all over the US (and soon, internationally) by providing its own sort of instant gratification: a limited edition 10″ vinyl featuring three pre-release songs from the album that you can take home with you and put on your record player immediately. The great people at Record Store Day have generously offered to spread the word about the program and we’re launching with over 150 stores on board, well beyond our wildest dreams.

To rush this program into existence, we’re releasing the 10″ in a plain white sleeve, but rest assured we’re cutting no corners with regard to the audio. Have you ever noticed the difference in sound quality between 45 RPM and 33 RPM??? Yes, 33 RPM is amazing and warm, but 45 RPM on a larger format disc, with more physical representation of the music via record grooves, delivers even more stunning audio. We think the 10″s sound unbelievable, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

If like me, you’ve ever rushed home with a brand new record that you couldn’t wait to play—and couldn’t actually play until you slapped it onto your turntable—I hope the Vinyl Gratification program will bring back some magic for you. And I hope you’ll join us in supporting the independent record shops that have supported us for so long.

Britt Daniel
Austin, TX

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