Ian St. George: Emergency Index [Album Review]

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Ian St. George
Emergency Index
Dead Bell Records [2024]

Album Overview: Ian St. George has made a name for himself on the Northampton, MA music scene but is truly ready for a wider indie breakout with his debut album Emergency Index. This record serves as a comprehensive collection of Ian St. George’s musical history over the past decade, encapsulating moments from various phases of his life, including his time in LA and his return to MA. The album’s significance lies in its dual role as both a culmination of past experiences and a stepping stone into a new artistic era. Along with St. George, the album features the talents of Jeff Morkeski (guitar), James Walsh (bass), Aaron Noble (drums), and Adam Langelotti (organ/additional instruments). This collaborative effort merges these individual talents to create a cohesive and dynamic indie rock sound. The album offers a blend of power pop and alt-pop elements, with each song easily connecting with a wide audience. Not only is the album full of memorable power pop, but the inclusion of the closing cover song, “How Loft I Am?” by Robert Pollard, highlights St. George’s wheelhouse when it comes to his own style. Overall, Emergency Index is a testament to Ian St. George’s growth as a musician and his dedication to creating music that is both personal and universally relatable. It is a record that invites multiple listens and leaves us eagerly anticipating future releases.

Musical Style: The album showcases a combination of power pop and alt-pop, characterized by big, robust guitar riffs and vibrant, melodic arrangements. The instrumentation features a variety of elements, including jangly guitars and rhythmic hooks, meant to be played loud.

Evolution of Sound: While rooted in the power pop tradition, St. George incorporates diverse influences and a broader range of musical elements. This progression adds depth and variety to the album, demonstrating his growth as an artist.

Artists with Similar Fire: Ian St. George’s catchy indie power pop sound brings to mind artists such as Material Issue, Redd Kross, Mike Krohl, The Toms, Cloud Nothings, Uni Boys, and Tony Molina. The nearly seven-minute instrumental rocker “Dreamer” even has a Ty Segall pulse to it.

Pivotal Tracks: Key songs on the album include “Kimberly,” which could be the catchiest track on the album with its classic ’70s sound and Dinosaur Jr.-like guitar solos, “Everything Goes Wrong,” with its memorable hooks and upbeat mood, and “No One Really Knows,” which stands out as an immediate favorite with its mid-tempo pace and solid songwriting. Lastly, you can’t pass up the final track, a cover of the Guided By Voices classic “How Loft I Am?” from Same Place the Fly Got Smashed (1990), where St. George rocks up its second half for a fantastic finish that honors the original but makes it his own.

Lyrical Strength: The lyrics throughout Emergency Index capture personal stories and experiences, adding to the overall quality of the record.

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