Swervedriver: Future Ruins [Album Review]

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Future Ruins
Dangerbird Records [2019]


Who: This is Swervedriver’s sixth album and first since 2015’s I Wasn’t Born to Lose You.

Sound: Swervedriver is a name that typically (and should) come up when talking about ‘90s shoegaze. On that spectrum, Swervedriver leaned more on the rock side with their blending of guitar, vocals and feedback. They have not changed!

TFN Final Take: 2015 marked the first material from Swervedriver in 15 years and was a welcomed return from the 90’s staple. Now back with their sixth record, Future Ruins, continues their storied career and brings the listener another fresh batch of shoegaze based rockers. Right from the opening track, “Mary Winter,” Swervedriver drench you with their layers of noise which just soars. It is the perfect rocker to set up your experience. “Spiked Flowers” is another track that has some quick tempo turns and a bubbling rock undertone that flexes Swervedriver’s veteran muscle effortlessly.

What I really liked about Future Ruins is that Swervedriver absolutely don’t conform to any sort of “current” state of music. They sound like a band driven from what they know and they deliver. Future Ruins is a Swervedriver album all the way through and it only gets better with each spin. Its different textures are revealed with multiple listens and the waves of sound Swervedriver deliver will engulf you. If you are looking for a new rock record to check out in 2019 – Future Ruins is an album that should be on your listening list!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

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