The Friday Fire Track: Guided By Voices – “My Zodiac Companion”

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We wouldn’t be doing our job at TFN if we didn’t feature the surprise new Guided By Voices track today. The Internet shook a little bit when the news hit of fresh music from the recently resurrected group, so it only seems appropriate.

The return of a touring Guided By Voices was previously announced and features the lineup of Robert Pollard, Bobby Bare Jr., Kevin March, Nick Mitchell, and Mark Shue. The album, Please Be Honest, is the cherry on top and features Pollard playing all the instruments. This effort will hit the streets on April 22nd and hopefully if the band connects on the stage we will see a follow up record featuring all the names listed above as contributors!

Enjoy the new sprawling lead track from the album, “My Zodiac Companion,” and you can see the tracklist below. You can also pre-order a copy of the album right now over at Rockathon HERE.

1. My Zodiac Companion
2. Kid On A Ladder
3. Come On Mr. Christian
4. The Grasshopper Eaters
5. Glittering Parliaments
6. The Caterpillar Workforce
7. Sad Baby Eyes
8. The Quickers Arrive
9. Hotel X (Big Soap)
10. I Think A Telescope
11. Please Be Honest
12. Nightmare Jamboree
13. Unfinished Business
14. Defeatists’ Lament
15. Eye Shop Heaven

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