Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 12 (June 2014)

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bandcamp 12
The Fire Note’s June Bandcamp feature heats up the summer with a handful of new artists. In this edition you can find some sibling harmonies from Santa Cruz, psychedelic rock from Italy, lo-fi rock straight from Brooklyn and some solid indie from Phoenix. As always – Discover, Support & Share!

lost-boy Lost Boy?
Brooklyn, New York

Do you like Daniel Johnston? Do you like Ween? Do you like catchy lo-fi rock songs that stay in your head days after listening to them? Then look no further than Brooklyn’s (yes, another Brooklyn band) Lost Boy?. Their 4-track Wasted EP is a wonderful piece of lo-fi psychedelic/ punk-ish indie rock. The vocals fall in the range of Daniel Johnston and some of the high pitched, child-like vocals you could find on Ween albums. Jump on the bandwagon now. I have high hopes for this talented and quirky band.

Lost Boy? Bandcamp

me-time Me Time
Dayton, Ohio

A four-piece from good ol’ Dayton Ohio, I caught Me Time’s debut show a few months ago and was pretty impressed. Andy Smith’s vocals can take on a John/Sean Lennon-esque quality at times, especially on “My Morning Light,” and the band’s tight guitar-pop sound is the perfect soundtrack to your late summer nights.

Me Time Bandcamp

big mean sound machine Big Mean Sound Machine
Ithaca, New York

With 13 members listed on their page, Big Mean Sound Machine’s name can be taken literally as well as being a reflection of their music. Fusing psych, funk, afrobeat, acid jazz and everything in between, their latest album Contraband was recorded live in the studio in the summer and winter of 2013—fans of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo projects should check this out immediately.

Big Mean Sound Machine Bandcamp

lay-llamas Lay Llamas
Rome, Italy

Italian duo Lay Llamas bring psychedelic rock back to one of its original and underappreciated subgenres: space-rock. Taking inspiration from celestial classics like Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive,” Lay Llamas adds a modern touch fans of IDM artists like Boards of Canada will appreciate. Out of this world in the original sense.

Lay Llamas Bandcamp

unicycle-loves-you Unicycle Loves You
Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn’s Unicycle Loves You (once again, Brooklyn… is every cool band from there now?) new LP The Dead Age is an excellent mid-fi, psych noise rock effort. Most of the tracks ooze fuzzy psychedelic noise and has a bit of raw energy permeating throughout the 12-track LP. There are some peppy upbeat tracks that harken back to 60’s era psych (Suicide Pizza) and there some that drip with distorted fuzz (JAWS). All of it is worth a listen. Not a bad track to found this LP, and a great pick up for the summer.

Unicycle Loves You Bandcamp

girl-band Girl Band
Dublin, Ireland

Noise pop is a genre that brings everything into one blast focal point. Dublin’s Girl Band does just that as their sound falls into the category with acts like METZ and Greys. So far the band has several singles and a 2012 EP titled France 98 but I really like that their latest, “The Cha Cha Cha” is only 25 seconds long. This band seems to be moving in the right direction so now all we need is a full length.

Girl Band Bandcamp

diners Diners
Phoenix, Arizona

Diners is Tyler Broderick with the help of friends in Phoenix, Arizona. Embracing a recent graduation from high school and the parting with his band at the time, Tyler created Diners as a natural outlet for his creative side. Following their Throw Me A Ten, 7 song mini-album from 2012, Diners is back with their debut full length Always Room. The album is a flowing daydream of a record that emotes good vibes and solid summer indie rock.

Diners Bandcamp

Vancouver, Canada

Dirt Cult Records is one of the Fire Note’s favorite labels and this new record from Vancouver’s Needles//Pins is another reason why. The gritty power pop on their new record Shamebirds will hit home fast with its honest approach and quick attack. The band easily ranks up there with other current favorites in this genre like Steve Adamyk Band and Sonic Avenues as well as reminding me of some classic Rocket From The Crypt.

Needles//Pins Bandcamp

native-sibling The Native Sibling
Santa Cruz, California

Brother and sister duo, The Native Sibling, have just released their debut record, Letters Kept To Ourselves, on June 24. Ryan and Kaylee are heavily influenced by Joy Williams (of the Civil Wars), who was once their nanny and still serves as an inspiration. Knowing that, it is hard not to hear that sound in their music. If you like harmonies, emotive lyrics and well played Americana, The Native Sibling have the album for you.

The Native Sibling Bandcamp

dear-criminals Dear Criminals
Montréal, Canada

If you are looking for a more atmospheric type of indie record then Montreal’s Dear Criminals have released an EP you might enjoy. The vulnerable and fragile vocals of Charles Lavoie and Frannie Holder play off of each other to create a memorable experience. This vocal mixture combined with the band’s textured soundscapes create the musical backdrop for a lazy summer day.

Dear Criminals Bandcamp

-Feature by Daniel Taylor, Simon Workman and Christopher Anthony

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