Velvet Starlings – “She Said (She Said)” [Video]

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Velvet Starlings – the 60s infused garage rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from Los Angeles and the beach cities of Southern California – will release their debut album Technicolour Shakedown, on Wednesday, September 29th via Sound x 3 Records, with the vinyl release by Kitten Robot in the US. The band was founded by guitarist & organ player Christian Gisborne. And while known for his concert attendance record and impressive Lego collection, it is his musical prowess that is putting him on the map.

Christian – who turned 18 in May – grew up with music in his veins and has been writing and playing various instruments since elementary school. That interest became more serious in recent years and he started booking shows around Los Angeles and in the UK, both as a solo artist and as Velvet Starlings. At the age of 15 he released his debut self-titled EP Velvet Starlings which was followed by 2019’s EP Love Everything, Love Everyone.

This album was written, recorded and mixed by Christian in the middle of his living room – and it sounds amazing!

Velvet Starlings Website

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