String Machine – “Gales Of Worry” [Video]

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Pittsburg’s String Machine isn’t shy about sharing their heart with you, and that confessional spirit continues on their new album Hallelujah Hell Yeah which is out this Friday (2/25) via Know Hope Records. “The album was inspired by moments of dealing with anxiety surrounding a lot of personal stuff. Usually, my instinct when anxious is to keep myself busy. Writing songs was the middle ground where I could solve inner-turmoils while feeling productive,” said singer David Beck.

Reconnecting with journaling enabled Beck to let down his guard, and for that, Hallelujah Hell Yeah has an uniquely spirited driving force. ‘This writing experience felt a lot more honest & confessional. Instead of writing blurbs of nonsense & attaching meaning in a subconscious archetypal way, I tried to be more deliberate about having purpose in what I sing/write,’ he said. ‘Every song has a place. I’d write the music and hum melodies until they were catchy enough to be stuck in my head. Putting the words to the music this way was a lot different than what I’d done before.”

You can pre-order the album HERE.

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