Weird Nightmare: Weird Nightmare [Album Review]

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Weird Nightmare
Weird Nightmare
Sub Pop Records [2022]

Weird Nightmare is the new project from METZ guitarist and singer Alex Edkins. This self-titled debut record showcases a new side of Edkins, as it was created of mostly ideas that didn’t seem to totally fit the more in your face post punk noise rock of METZ. Some of these ten tracks date back to 2013 but the pandemic provided the perfect down time to finally put his stored hooks and melody on record.

Now don’t think that Edkins went all pop on you, because all of these tracks are still simmered in distortion. Weird Nightmare is much more in the Hüsker Dü and Cloud Nothings type of indie rock category. Most tracks have an upbeat tempo, vocals that sit above the distortion and a simple chorus that you can easily remember. There are still a couple songs like the harder driven “Nibs,” “Oh No” and “Dream” that could have been worked into a METZ record but Weird Nightmare really shines on tracks like “Lusitania,” “Wrecked” and “Sunday Driver” that all have more indie rock sing along moments.

Weird Nightmare is not a bedroom project as it sounds bigger than Edkins. Some of this depth comes from solid production and the contributions from Chad VanGaalen on “Oh No” and Alicia Bognanno (Bully) in “Wrecked.” Overall, I hope Edkins finds more time for a sophomore effort, as this outing is an entertaining 35 minutes of rock. He definitely has the songwriting skills for this type of record and I even think Edkins should embrace the “hook” even more next time out, as Weird Nightmare could produce an album that we talk about at the end of the year!

“Wrecked” / “Lusitania” / “Sunday Driver”

Hüsker Dü / Wavves / Cloud Nothings

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