Fire Track: Tony Molina – “The Last Time”

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Tony Molina has returned with the announcement of his new album, In The Fade. The record is due out August 12th via Summer Shade, a new imprint from Run For Cover Records, curated by Madison Woodward (Fury, Object of Affection). In The Fade encapsulates everything that’s so appealing about Molina’s songwriting. The album flies by in just 18 minutes, bouncing from satisfyingly crunchy power chords, to scrappy jangle, to legitimately Beatles-esque arrangements in songs that are always under two minutes and always unbelievably catchy.

To mark the announcement Molina has shared the album’s first single “The Last Time,” a driving cut of fuzzed-out pop that throws guitar-harmonies in with just four lines of warm vocal melodies. Be prepared to immediately hit repeat.

You can pre-order the album HERE.

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