Truth Club: Not An Exit [Album Review]

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Truth Club
Not An Exit
Tiny Engines [2019]

Who: The Raleigh-based four-piece Truth Club are new on the indie rock scene and Not An Exit is their debut record.

Sound: Sweeping post-punk that has the indie rocking spirit of a Promise Ring, Car Seat Headrest and The Strokes while bringing a mood like Protomartyr and Interpol to the mix.

TFN Final Take: Truth Club sound completely inspired on their debut record Not An Exit. The group take a sound that can be found all over the scene today but make it their own with songs that build and brood. Truth Club do it over and over as you get the soft powerful vocals up front that transcend into a very crunchy guitar filled buzz frenzy. Songs like “No Planned Sequel” and album highlight “Student Housing” are perfect examples of this style.

Another component that makes this record a great listen is the turn on a dime transitions. Truth Club use this talent to their advantage during songs as they quickly turn up the amps and utilize synths as exchange points. The title track is another highlight as the guitar sparks off in several places and the track is very Strokes like.

Truth Club have released a solid debut and the energetic new band have provided the perfect start with Not An Exit. They are a band that has plenty of room to grow and should only trend upwards from here!

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Tiny Engines

– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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