The Dandy Warhols: Why You So Crazy [Album Review]

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The Dandy Warhols
Why You So Crazy
Dine Alone Records [2019]


Who: The release of their 10th studio album sees The Dandy Warhols also celebrating 25 years of being a band.

Sound: Alternative power pop band at its core but later years have brought plenty of synth pop and art to their albums.

TFN Final Take: Knowing The Dandy Warhols are celebrating 25 years of being a band this year had me thinking that the band’s 10 studio album, Why You So Crazy, would take a step back and bring out some early Dandy themes and grooves. Especially after 2016’s Distortland where the band did a nice job of blending dreamy soundscapes and beats that all had a solid focus. This is where Why You So Crazy struggles a bit because it is filled with so many ideas that just never seem to reach their goals.

I have no issue that The Dandy Warhols are at the point where they can challenge all their past with new directions. In fact, there are many signs of new life on Why You So Crazy. The Zia McCabe driven “Highlife” has the fun Dandy tongue in cheek lyrics with its electro-country twang while “Be Alright” has potential to keep your ear with its swirling harmonies and groove. Too many times though songs like “Motor City Steel” are too quirky or tracks end without sounding finished. “Motor City Steel” actually reminds me of “Horse Pills” from Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia (2000) but this time the song’s style sounds out of context.

If you are a Dandy’s Warhol fan, you shouldn’t pass on this album because you can find some songs on Why You So Crazy to keep you entertained. Regardless of your final opinion here, celebrating 25 years as a band is a great accomplishment, and the music world is a better place with The Dandy Warhols in it so cheers to milestone and we look forward to their next outing!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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