Cloud Nothings: Final Summer [Album Review]

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Cloud Nothings
Final Summer
Pure Noise Records [2024]

Album Overview: Formed in 2009 by Dylan Baldi, Cloud Nothings transitioned from a solo lo-fi project to a cohesive trio including Jayson Gerycz and Chris Brown. With nearly a decade and a half in the industry, they’ve stayed true to their passion for music, eschewing trends and remaining committed to their craft. Cloud Nothings’ latest album, Final Summer, marks another high point in their consistent output. Produced by Jeff Zeigler, mixed by Sarah Tudzin, and mastered by Jack Callahan, it exudes the joy of playing loud guitars and drums. The album’s opening track sets the tone with crackling synths before launching into a cascade of melodies and lyrics exploring themes of perseverance and improvement.

Musical Style: Cloud Nothings’ musical style is characterized by hooky rock songs that effortlessly blend inventiveness with accessibility. Their sound is driven by energetic guitar riffs, driving beats, and layers of interlocking melodies.

Evolution of Sound: Over the years, Cloud Nothings have refined their sound while staying true to their rock roots. From lo-fi beginnings, they’ve evolved into a tight unit with a knack for crafting dynamic and engaging indie rock compositions. Final Summer stays the course as the band does not shift much of their rock approach.

Artists with Similar Fire: Fans of Cloud Nothings should also check out Japandroids, Wavves, and Titus Andronicus, who share a similar penchant for energetic and melodic indie rock.

Pivotal Tracks: The title track serves as the album’s opening statement, “Final Summer” sets the tone with its atmospheric introduction of crackling synths before erupting into a barrage of energetic guitar riffs and driving beats. This track encapsulates the album’s overarching themes of seizing the moment and finding solace amidst life’s challenges. “I’d Get Along” is an early standout track which features Baldi’s signature repetition and unique delivery, creating a sense of tension that builds throughout the song. The explosive chorus, characterized by fuzzy guitars and impassioned vocals, delivers a cathartic release, making it a memorable highlight of the album. “The Golden Halo” clocks in at just a bit over two minutes, “The Golden Halo” packs a punch with its relentless energy and infectious hooks. The song unfolds with a propulsive motorik beat and a chorus that feels like a continuous ascent, drawing listeners into its euphoric sonic landscape.

Lyrical Strength: Dylan Baldi’s lyrics on Final Summer possess a mantra-like quality, often exploring themes of perseverance and self-improvement amidst the mundane and frustrating aspects of life. His delivery, characterized by repetition and unique phrasing, adds depth to the album’s overarching lyrical ideas.

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