Sleepies: Melt To You [Album Review]

Melt To You
Mirror Universe Tapes [2017]


Who: Brooklyn-based SLEEPiES release yet another winner with this 4-track EP.

Sound: Melt To You EP is another product from the SLEEPiES machine that spits out cool music. Release after release, this band just hit the spot when you need some sketchy-yet-catchy post-punk rock.

TFN Final Take: I still haven’t gotten over SLEEPiES wonderful 2016 LP, Natural Selection and now SLEEPiES drop this delightful 4-track EP on us.

Opener, “Barf Haus,” is SLEEPiES at their best on this EP. This is their sound. It is that twitchy/nervous, high-strung brand of post-punk that they do so well. Track 2, “Hive Shadow,” switches things up. The bouncy and rather lengthy track sounds like a track from Lou Barlow and Jon Davis’ early Folk Implosion albums, “Dare to be Surprised” and “Take A Look Inside…”

Track 3, the galloping and bright “Detective Behavior” is another bona fide SLEEPiES classic. Album closer,” I Wanna Holler,” is a cover of a 1962 Gary U.S. Bonds’ song. It is a fine cover indeed and shows a nice bit of range and even more so, some of the influences that affect SLEEPiES’ music.

If you are already a fan of SLEEPiES, Melt to You is a no brainer pick-up, but if you are new to the band this is a good purchase, as it shows a band doing what they do best and expanding on their sound all within four tracks.

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– Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

Author: Daniel Taylor

Photographer/journalist for the U.S. Navy for 26 years. Music fan since forever. Music really hit him in the early 90’s when he heard the Pixies’ Doolittle LP. After that came Pavement and then Guided by Voices. His love for those bands formed his taste in music and he continues to search for that musical “high” today. Married for 18 years and currently lives in Japan.

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