Posmic: Sun Hymns [Album Review]

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Sun Hymns
Let’s Pretend Records [2022]

Posmic was formed by David Van and Emily Ferrara (both of Post Pink) with Zach Inscho (Wildhoney) and DC native Luke Reddick (Ultra Beauty) in late 2019. Like many other artists, the global pandemic put a halt on playing live music but it created an opportunity for the group to log several home recording sessions. Those sessions turned into the group’s debut Sun Hymns. The 18-minute record is full of indie rock that jams together a perfect mix of guitar feedback, lo-fi jangles and hazy psych.

What I really like about Sun Hymns is that the entire album has this laid back vibe to it that really works regardless of a song’s tempo. From the more acoustic 60’s psychedelic track “Nosey Posey” to the 90’s indie guitar driven, “Fading (All Here Now),” Posmic flawlessly time jump and nail every era perfectly.

At times, the combined vocals of Van and Ferrara have an X chemistry going on while other moments will have you thinking Sonic Youth with the fragmented feedback. The longest song on the album is the closer “Black And Blue,” which comes to a scorching conclusion as Ferrara vocally shines with a bolstering finish that has Erika Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards) strength.

Posmic’s nonchalant approach and niche for good indie rock provides an excellent listen all the way through. Sun Hymns ending too quick is the only let down from this album so just really has me looking forward to what the band releases next!

“Fading (All Here Now)” / “My Oh Mind” / “Black And Blue”

Walt Mink / X / Sonic Youth

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