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Tankcrimes [2022]

I believe that our faithful TFN followers know the catchy sounds of Tony Molina and hopefully checked out his Headphone Approved release this year titled In The Fade. What you might not know is that Tony has played in about 14 bands. That is a lot to keep up with and tracking down his more obscure recordings are not easy or even existent in some cases. With that said, there is one band in his resume that for sure is essential listening. That band is OVENS and much of their material can be found on 7″ or on this self-titled release that has previously only been available on a now out of print CD. Tankcrimes has rectified that issue today with the release of OVENS 2009 self-titled album on limited 2xLP and on all streaming platforms.

OVENS captures 44 tracks in one glorious hour of listening. That is an average track length of 1:36, but just like Molina’s solo work, OVENS jam pack these short indie rock pop gems with hooks galore and still follow a verse, chorus, and guitar formula. They also have plenty of space to offer up many sounds like the metal rock on “The Legend Of Chris Gardini’s Mustache” or “Losin’ Touch,” or the Beatles with “Castillejo Scene” that uses the famous guitar lines from “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” several times. Elsewhere you can hear early Weezer in “Same Shit Different Day” and its hard not to think about Guided By Voices with these lightning in a bottle 50 second numbers or Dinosaur Jr. with several scorching J Mascis like guitar solos!

The subject matter here covers plenty of ground as OVENS have songs about drugs, getting fired, falling down the stairs, getting hurt, how much the band sucks and a little mocking of themselves that maybe their songs sound the same! With 44 tracks, you would expect a wide array of topics but what makes this record shine is its effortless rock vibe. Song after song, OVENS brings 110% to the recording and the energy just makes you want to hear more. This release is a must for Molina fans and anyone that enjoys catchy indie rock. This is one reissue that won’t be leaving our rotating playlist anytime soon!

“Bad Scene” / “Castillejo Scene” / “Abduction”

Weezer / Oso Oso / Guided By Voices

In The Fade (2022) / Songs From San Mateo County Smoking Room (2019) / Kill The Lights (2018) / Confront The Truth (2016) / Dissed And Dismissed (2013)

Bandcamp | Tankcrimes

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