Nick Kizirnis: Every Moment [Album Review]

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Nick Kizirnis
Every Moment
ATOM Records [2024]

Album Overview: Nick Kizirnis, a Dayton, Ohio-based songwriter and guitarist, has a rich musical background spanning decades. He has collaborated with notable acts like The Breeders and Tobin Sprout, opened for a diverse range of well-known bands, and had his music featured on reality TV shows. Kizirnis has released multiple albums both solo and with bands, with the instrumental surf music of The Mulchmen as a standout in his catalog you should check out. Every Moment finds him taking some new risks as he steps out front and center with his vocals. The music overall is lower-key stylistically, but it is a slow-burn indie-rock that, on occasion, turns the guitars up and dips into the Americana realm. Recorded remotely during lockdown and finalized in person, the album captures the essence of uncertain times. With guest appearances by Paul Livingston (Trash Can Sinatras) and Tobin Sprout (Guided by Voices) and a strong band including Jim Macpherson on drums (The Breeders), Kate Wakefield (Lung), Daisy Caplan (Foxy Shazam, Lung), Kyleen Downes, and Tod Weidner (Motel Beds, Shrug), Every Moment shines both lyrically, vocally, and musically. This record is a grower with repeat listens and will immediately connect with any listener currently navigating life’s challenges.

Musical Style: Nick Kizirnis’s musical style on Every Moment is a solid dose of smooth indie rock. His lower-tone vocals set a focused mood as the album features fantastic atmospheric guitar work and penetrating lyrics. His sound here draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences wrapped in soul-stirring melodies.

Evolution of Sound: Throughout his career, Kizirnis has refined his sound to meet demand. From the indie rock of Cage and Tobin Sprout’s Eyesinweasel, to the excellent surf of The Mulchmen, plus several solo records under a Nicky Kay moniker, that includes a rockabilly record; Kizirnis has a large resume with a multitude of styles. Every Moment now showcases a matured and introspective approach to songwriting, reflecting on Kizirnis’ growth and experiences. It is a record that makes sense if you have followed Nick’s career and an album that will be easy for anyone to take their first listen to him and recognize his talent.

Artists with Similar Fire: Every Moment should appeal to fans of Matt Berninger (The National), Bill Callahan, Mark Lanegan, and Link Wray, who share similar moody indie-rock/Americana aesthetics and introspective lyrical themes.

Pivotal Tracks: My favorite song on the record is the opening title track. This song holds significant thematic weight on the album, starting with the memorable opening guitar chords. The chorus in “One More Day At A Time” becomes a quick, catchy earworm, while “Stars in Your Eyes” features complimentary harmony vocals from Wakefield as the song is about finding and holding onto love in a world made up of existential crises. “Tearburst” is a track that has an Americana undertone to its delivery but contains a killer guitar solo in its last third which takes the song to another level.

Lyrical Strength: Kizirnis’s lyrics possess an honest, relatable quality. The topics of love, loneliness, and resilience are not new, but the framework that Kizirnis builds around them pulls the listener in closer. His ability to craft emotive and thought-provoking narratives resonates with a wide audience, enhancing the album’s depth and impact.

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