Crocodiles: Upside Down In Heaven [Album Review]

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Upside Down In Heaven
Lolipop Records [2023]

Crocodiles’ Upside Down In Heaven is an album that showcases the band’s signature noise-pop sound, but with a more mature and refined approach. The core duo of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell have covered many genres that include art-punk, psychedelic haze, lush 60s-inspired pop, and trashed-out glam but their indie rock core is the glue that pulls them all together. Upside Down In Heaven is no different as the groups eighth LP features 10 upbeat tracks that blend elements of fuzz-pop, garage rock, pop-punk, some metal and even a little saxophone to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

The opening track, “Love Beyond The Grave,” sets the tone for the rest of the album with its driving punk pop drumbeat, swirling guitars, and Welchez’s passionate vocals. The song’s chorus is a catchy and anthemic sing-along that immediately hooks the listener. “Forever Walk Alone” follows with a more laid-back vibe, featuring a groovy bassline and dreamy guitar effects that transport the listener to a hazy, nostalgic realm. Other standout tracks on the album include “Degeneration,” which features a driving guitar riff and catchy chorus, and the title track which showcases the band’s ability to create a new wave atmosphere with its bouncing guitars and singalong lyrics.

One of the strengths of Upside Down In Heaven is that the album never feels one-dimensional or repetitive, as each song offers something new and different while still fitting within the overall aesthetic of the record. Lyrically, the album is introspective and emotive, which are often poetic and cryptic, leaving room for interpretation and personal reflection.

Overall, Upside Down In Heaven may be one of the strongest additions to Crocodiles’ catalog and a testament to the band’s growth and maturity as artists. It’s an album that rewards repeated listens, as each track reveals new layers and nuances. Fans of catchy indie noise-pop will find plenty to love on this album, and it’s sure to win over new fans as well.

“Dgeneration” / “Upside Down In Heaven” / “Love Beyond The Grave”

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