The Friday Fire Track: Dead Stars – “Calm Punk”

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fire track dead stars
Brooklyn-based Dead Stars flex their 90’s-influenced indie rock muscles 30 seconds into their new single and today’s Fire Track “Calm Punk.” The catchy laid back guitar riff and its companion toned first verse sets you up for surprise as the track quickly explodes and turns the amps past 10. This back-n-forth tempo works well and gives “Calm Punk” a memorable edge.

If you liked the fuzzed up 90’s then “Calm Punk” is made for your listening pallet. You can hear influences from Nirvana to the Pixies to Dinosaur Jr. running throughout this song and for me, that can never equal a bad thing. The single will be available for download next Tuesday and it is the first release off their as of yet untitled forthcoming record.

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