Robert Pollard’s Ricked Wicky new track “Mobility” – Album out 2015

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Guess what? Robert Pollard has a new project? Surprised – ha – that was a joke because the answer is absolutely no! Pollard always has something going on!

Pollard’s new project is called Ricked Wicky, and it is a rock band. RW finds Todd Tobias and Nick Mitchell contributing to the debut album I Sell The Circus, which is set to release February 2, 2015. Below, you can get your first taste with “Mobility.”

01 “Well Suited”
02 “Death Metal Kid”
03 “Guts”
04 “Cow Headed Moon”
05 “Piss Face”
06 “Even Today And Tomorrow”
07 “Intellectual Types”
08 “Uranus Flies”
09 “The Important Girl”
10 “Frenzy Of Blame”
11 “Mobility”
12 “Tomorrow”
13 “Miles Of Concentration”
14 “Rotten Backboards”
15 “A Real Stab”

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