New Robert Pollard Track: “My Daughter Yes She Knows”

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If you are a fan then it will not surprise you that Robert Pollard has a new solo record out March 4th titled Of Course You Are. It also won’t surprise you that his shared track “My Daughter Yes She Knows” rocks out like you would expect!

What may surprise you is that Of Course You Are is a Fire Records only release so if you want a copy pre-order is up HERE. You may remember that Fire also exclusively released Boston Spaceships The Greatest Hits Of Boston Spaceships: Out Of The Universe By Sundown and some copies were (and still are) available at Rockathon HERE. No confirmation if this record will follow suit yet but we will see!

1 “My Daughter Yes She Knows”
2 “Long Live Instant Pandemonium”
3 “Come And Listen”
4 “Little Pigs”
5 “Promo Brunette”
6 “I Can Illustrate”
7 “The Hand That Holds You”
8 “Collision Daycare”
9 “That’s The Way You Gave It To Me”
10 “Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age)”
11 “Losing It”
12 “Of Course You Are”

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