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Ready for new music? We didn’t travel far for Dayton’s Nineteen Thirteen but the band has a much bigger sound that should be heard outside of the Gem City, Collate out of Portland is worth every minute you give their no wave groove and lastly the thought provoking new record from Hanalei out of Morro Bay, California. TFN doesn’t need to remind you that supporting artists you enjoy is needed and make sure you start by checking these three below out!

Nineteen Thirteen
Dayton, Ohio

Deriving their name from the year Dayton, OH was hit by a massive flood, Nineteen Thirteen is a new project from some of the Gem City’s most creative musical minds. Combining a wide range of influences including metal, prog rock, post-punk, and western film soundtracks, the band is heavy but melodic, the perfect backdrop for vocalist Brett Hill (aka Brother Hill) to weave in his evocative lyrical contributions. From the working class lament of “Post Blue Collar Blues” to a WWI tale from the trenches (“Dog Fight”), the album’s four songs are tied to an older world but resonate strongly with the modern one too. Recorded in 2019 and 2020, the album blends cinematic scope with a Cormac McCarthy-like brutality, revealing new layers—both musically and lyrically—with each additional listen. You get the sense that the band is just getting started, which makes Nineteen Thirteen one of the acts we’re most looking forward to seeing when live music returns.

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Nineteen Thirteen Bandcamp

Portland, Oregon

Here you will find two new songs from Portland’s excellent Collate. The band has a retro no wave punk that pushes and pulls and consistently sounds like the band is trying to just survive. This hungriness is something you hear in good bands just trying to get their music heard. Collate has been pumping out these edgy tunes since 2017 so they are not necessarily new to the scene but clearly still under the radar. Give them a few spins and make sure to check out the rest of their catalog as all their music has a very timely angular edge and flow!

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Collate Bandcamp

Morro Bay, California

Hanalei (ex-The Ghost/Great Apes) has just released his new record Black Snow via A-F Records. The singer/songwriter in Hanalei finds the record’s songs primarily narrated from varying first person perspectives as the topics look at both environmental and societal issues. The substance is there for sure and what I like about Black Snow is that Hanalei is not afraid to turn up the guitars for emphasis as many of the tracks have a nice foot tapping beat to them. This is a record that fits in today and is a good warning that if we don’t take notice when all things pandemic open up the outside we enjoy today might not be there tomorrow.

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Hanalei Bandcamp

-AOW by Simon Workman & Christopher Anthony

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