Night Beats – “Ticket” [Video]

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Night Beats, the Texas-born brainchild of Danny Lee Blackwell, has shared “Ticket” – the latest single to be lifted from the incoming Outlaw R&B album due out May 7th on Fuzz Club Records. “Ticket” is a piece of thrashing, white-knuckle garage-psych and another insight into the raw, acid-fried sound that the band return to on Outlaw R&B.

New cut “Ticket” is a fast-moving, no-holds-barred cut tackling police brutality and thinly-veiled corruption in the US. Blackwell says of the song: “‘Ticket’ was recorded in Los Angeles at the height of the riots and chaos in 2020. Police sirens, fireworks and gunshots became the soundtrack to everyday life in Hollywood. The main character of ‘Ticket’ is another victim of a twisted f*ck with a badge. The first half of the song is from the perspective of the cops but then the lens shifts and eventually the predator becomes the prey.”

On the “Ticket” video, directed by Cameron Holland, Blackwell says: “I wanted to capture the essence of ‘Ticket’ in a way that explored the dystopian nature of Los Angeles in 2020. I love ‘film noir’ from the 50s and grew up on skate videos of the late 90s/early 2000s. I wanted to try and combine those two moulds in a ‘Skate Film Noir’ where our character is being chased by an implied danger. Dayana [Young] travels through the city of LA on her skateboard almost with childlike wonderment – to the backdrop of empty foggy streets, decaying urban life, police sirens and helicopters flying by. In the end all we can do is keep going, and be as introspective as one can be in a burning house.”

You can pre-order the new album HERE.

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