Guided By Voices: Vampire On Titus [Reissue] (Gold & Clear/Yellow Wax | Limited)

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The street date for Guided By Voices Vampire on Titus LP reissue is July 24. Scat Records is accepting pre-orders but hurry becuase they are getting low. Although it’s not a RSD release anymore, the initial supply is still mostly promised to retailers but you can pre-order at Scat HERE.

They are limiting orders to one copy of one color per customer, excluding black. So if you want one of the colors and one black, that’s fine, just not gold and clear/yellow. Refunds will be issued promptly for excess quantities or repeat orders, even if placed a few days or weeks later. There are only so many copies, and they want them to go to as many fans as possible. Scat said they will keep printing black vinyl as needed, so it is not limited.

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