William Elliott Whitmore: “Civilizations”

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“Deep within that haunting, old-fashioned sound is the spirit of a plugged-in punk rocker, eager and ready to make some noise.” writes American Songwriter of the fiery singer-songwriter William Elliott Whitmore and his album Radium Death. Here is the new video for the track “Civilizations” of which Whitmore says, “This song is for everyday folks trying to get along in an increasingly chaotic world. Societies crumble, but people persevere. “

“Civilizations” took several months to create and delivers an artfully animated performance of the song by Whitmore set within an evocative sepia tone world and written images of the song’s lyrics. The clip was co directed by Joel Anderson and animator Matt Scharenbroich. The initial inspiration came from Anderson, who after watching Whitmore perform the song live, took note of how the lyrics conjured images of the rise and fall of humanity and history repeating itself. Whitmore also gives much credit to Scharenbroich for driving this video home with his very impressive animation skills.

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