Video Premiere: Nick Kizirnis – “The Distance”

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Last time we heard from Nick Kizirnis he had just released a video for his single “Slipping Away” from his new solo album, The Distance, back in January 2020. Then of course the world closed its doors!

For a guy that has a musical resume most could only dream about, including recently recording with The Breeders on their cover of His Name is Alive’s “The Dirt Eaters” for 4AD’s 40th anniversary compilation, not being able to really get out and support his excellent new release meant finding something else creative to do with his time.

Well, Nick is back! In fact, he has partnered with artist/animator Katie Marks for the release of this first-class new video for the title track “The Distance.” Marks, who has years of experience in original music for commercials, animated music videos, and artwork for independent films, developed a full treatment for the song using stop-motion animation and the results are eye-popping.

Nick let us know how the project came together: “Working with Katie (Marks) on the video for “The Distance” was really exciting, especially during a time (the pandemic) when everything felt like it was standing still. Katie created these great scenes out on a highway desert, in this run-down bar … and follows this couple who are both failing in their relationship – one failing to stay and try to work things out, the other failing to hold things together. Katie had the whole thing worked out and I got to go along for the ride and see how the animation came together. I hope that we can do this again.”

The track itself is worth the revisit alone as it features Mark Patterson (Son Volt), Kate Wakefield (Lung), guitarist Joe Tritschler and producer Patrick Himes. “The Distance” has an intense emotional chord that pulls you into the song and now the video tells its story perfectly.

Kizirnis’ album made our Artists of the Week Top 25 in 2020, so TFN highly recommends adding it your playlist and then make sure to pick up a physical copy today. Discover, Support, Share!

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  1. Thought the music, lyrics and visuals all intertwined in a meaningful way and really tapped into the human condition. Pulled on my heart strings; felt like a good movie that I didn’t want to end.

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