Tropical Fu*k Storm – “G.A.F.F.” [Video]

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Australia’s Tropical Fuck Storm have announced their new album, Deep States, out August 20th on Joyful Noise Recordings. The lead single/video “G.A.F.F.” buzzes with urgent vocals, bursts of intricate guitar and bass, and sharp lyrics. The band elaborates: “‘Give A Fuck Fatigue” is an ode to the occasional dispassion brought about by the mandatory concern for every perceived injustice that happens, has happened and might yet happen that is being foisted upon the masses by super-yacht dwelling tech barons who monetize our indignation.” The accompanying video is over-saturated, and reflects the track’s chaotic edge and theme.

Deep States is not quite a protest album. The band is far too wary of the self-importance attached to songs in the didactic mode. “We make pop records that don’t deny we’re all in a bit of trouble here,” singer Gareth Liddiard says. But Tropical Fuck Storm does their preaching on the sly, always cognizant of the fact they are making pop music, after all, no matter how avant-garde or “out there” it gets. Deep States comes complete with Q drops, nods to the January 6th Capitol Riot, a riff on pizzagate, MAGAs squaring off with Antifas, waterboarded Martians, dangerous cults from Heaven’s Gate to The Shining Path and, not to be outdone, Romeo agents who bed us at night only to betray us by morning. We live in a world in which the bizarre has become the normative, and Tropical Fuck Storm plumbs that paradox.

You can pre-order the album HERE.

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