The Muckers – “Suspended” [Video]

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Here is a new band we think are going to be worth the hype. The new Greenway Records signing, The Muckers hail from New York City and the rising four-piece have already been creating lots of buzz. Just like the city, The Muckers are equal parts vital and timeless, resolute and vibrant.

Frontman Emir Mohseni moved to New York all the way from his native Iran to pursue a career in music. The move, profiled across acclaimed publications, from Rolling Stone to Billboard, only marked the beginning of the band’s story. Upon landing in this new environment, Mohseni met the three guys that would become his closest friends, and build with him the enlivening sound and enrapturing live show that The Muckers have garnered early praises for: Anthony Azarmgin at the bass, Chris Cawley on rhythm guitar, and John Zimmerman behind the drums.

Endeavor is a fitting title for the band’s debut. Their journey is nothing short of an odyssey: first, as an immigrant taking refuge in New York City to have the right to perform rock music, then as a band caught in the global pandemic who’s had to let go of their greatest strength: thriving on any stage – from performing with Pond in a 800-cap room to making the crowds dance and sweat in the divey bars of Brooklyn.

A few months ago, in a freshly refurbished Greenway Records HQ in their below-ground bunker studio, they recorded The Muckers with this vibrant LIVE version video of their ripper new single “Suspended” directed by Johann Rashid of Promiseland and recorded strait into the board by Vaughn Hunt of Acid Dad.

The record is out February 26th, 2021 on Greenway Records. Pre-order it now on Limited “Core of the Sun” smash vinyl and very limited test pressings HERE.

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