N0V3L – “Notice Of Foreclosure” [Video]

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N0V3L’s new single “NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE” is a bitter, nostalgic submission to modernity, spiked with grief for a past forever gone and ambivalence for what lays ahead. It’s dark, danceable and loaded with new wave dissonance. The video is from the mind of animator Gart Darley, and compiled from images sourced from vintage magazines and then hand-cut, scanned and collaged. An endless zoom —loosely inspired by Mandelbrot Fractal zooms on youtube— the video is an oddly soothing voyage through the mind and the universe.

“NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE” is the latest single from N0V3L’s debut full-length, NON-FICTION. The album functions as a treatise on modern existence and the perverse parameters within which it’s experienced. It’s a collection of agile, carefully-constructed post-punk, new wave and funk that’s been zapped and warped by an opioid overdose crisis, mental illness, populism, and the merciless onward march of time. NON-FICTION sees its release across digital retailers May 28 and will be in stores July 9 via Flemish Eye Records.

You can pre-order the album HERE.

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