Hooveriii: Water For The Frogs [Album Review]

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Water For The Frogs
The Reverberation Appreciation Society [2021]

At this point in 2021, if your band hails from Australia, Los Angeles or Austin it won’t surprise anyone if your specialty is psychedelia. That leads us to LA’s Hooveriii (pronounced Hoover 3), which you can add to your psychedelic rolodex as the group brings their own unique style to the masses on their sophomore record Water For The Frogs.

Hooveriii was originally created as a solo drum machine project by Bert Hoover but now has evolved into a six member band. This immediately gives the group depth which you will hear on each of the 7 tracks included on Water For The Frogs. From the opening haze on first track “Cindy,” the band surrounds you with their instruments that includes catchy riffs and upbeat vocals in the middle that feel like the glue which holds the song together. “Control” has a fantastic opening riff that you will remember before the bouncing keyboards lighten the song up a bit. Most tracks stay in the almost four to five minute range which highlights Hooveriii’s focus on arrangements versus just creating a jam. The band does close the album with the almost ten minute epic “Gone,” that takes you on a wild trip and gives the final proof that Hooveriii can transcend you to a different musical landscape that simply lies within your own brain!

Hooveriii offer a fresh take on the psych genre, as their combination of Germany’s Krautrock scene from the late 60’s-70’s with modern day rock keeps the overall mood lighter but yet produces many bursting moments that consists of swirling instruments that explode during “We’re Both Lawyers” or straight up rock out heavier jams during “Erasure.” Water For The Frogs is an easy album to just play and let the band cruise ahead as psych has a solid footing in 2021 and Hooveriii joins the top tier of groups leading the charge.

Key Tracks: “Cindy” / “Control” / “Erasure”

Artists With Similar Fire: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard / Organisation / ORB

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The Reverberation Appreciation Society

-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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