Fat Night – “Live For Each Other” [Video]

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Chicago-based, indie/funk/soul four-piece Fat Night have a video for their single “Live For Each Other” – it is the title track from their sophomore album Live for Each Other which is out now via Acrophase Records.

“Live For Each Other” is akin to the soul sound of the ’60s and ’70s scene. It’s a call to loving and lifting each other up while it’s funk styled bass lines and keyboard manifest a classic groove that’s seemingly, artfully improvised. The video is a nostalgic and humorous take on commercials of the same era.

Fat Night is a Chicago-based band comprised of Dan Hanson, Gabe Gundacker, Ted Issen, and Nik Ritchie. The band blends soul, funk, and R&B rhythms with breezy harmonies, leaving one foot in the past and one in the future. Their sophomore album Live for Each Other is their first in seven years, having debuted their self-titled album Fat Night in 2013. The release shows them refurbishing their traditional soulful sound with a contemporary revision.

There are two variants available on limited vinyl:
The label Acrophase Records variant is HERE.
The Colemine/Plaid Room Records variant is HERE.

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