Chris Staples – “Out Of My Body” [Video]

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Chris Staples has just released his variation on the pandemic blues in his first new release since Holy Moly (Barsuk Records, 2019). “Out of My Body” is a reflection on disconnection and the distorting
effects of an extended malaise. The song is crisp and complete, an enervating ballad for bleak times and perpetual restlessness. He made a music video himself, becoming obsessed with the dolly zoom shot in Jaws, to the extent that he built a rig and roped in his partner to operate the camera for the full psychological effect. I think it captures the time and honestly hits a little close to home.

Chris wrote this song late in 2020 after the pandemic had set in all around us. Life really slowed down to the point that he felt pretty disconnected from everyone and everything. It really struck Staples that this period of time was peak global. If you lived in Manhattan or a small village in Alaska you were touched by the pandemic. Chris hopes this song can help people who feel isolated. It doesn’t last forever.

You can find the new single HERE.

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