Beach Fossils – “Run To The Moon” [Video]

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Beach Fossils share new single/video “Run to the Moon” from their anticipated new album Bunny, out June 2nd on Bayonet. Pairing dreamy production with concise songwriting, the heartfelt song captures Dustin Payseur’s transition from being terrified by the idea of parenthood to the overwhelming joy of the birth of his daughter. The track processes this colossal shift about “having absolute freedom, the fear of losing it, but then tapping into myself in a way that felt more real,” as described by Payseur. The accompanying video, self-directed by Payseur with cinematography and color from Luke Atlas, is a humorous expression of genuine friendship the members of Beach Fossils — Tommy Davidson (guitar), Jack Doyle Smith (bass), and Anton Hochheim (drums) — share with each other.

You can order the album HERE.

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