superviolet: Infinite Spring [Album Review]

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Infinite Spring
Lame-O Records [2023]

superviolet is the moniker for Ohio-based songwriter and former The Sidekicks frontman Steven Ciolek. Infinite Spring is his debut record and its more acoustic approach marks a departure from his previous band’s work of energetic guitar driven melodies with punk rock influences. What still exists with Ciolek is his emotionally raw lyrics and knack for writing textured guitar pop.

Infinite Spring is something of a new beginning for Ciolek as he has been in band for much of his adult life. The album was recorded with Zac Little of Saintseneca (who worked closely with Ciolek on the creation of the songs) and The Sidekick’s Matty Sanders (who played drums on the album) which together gives the record a larger depth than you would get from your standard singer songwriter acoustic album. This combination creates catchy arrangements that have a warm 60’s and 70’s pop rock undertone while the goodwill charm of a fresh new project.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry”, which features a memorable refrain and emotionally sung lyrics. The song is catchy and anthemic with some great lines like “Big songbirds don’t cry, They just get the blues.” and “You like to get above it, But a lie can fit in any stomach pit.” It is my favorite track on the record. Another notable song is “Locket”, which features a foot tapping beat and a soaring chorus that showcases Ciolek’s emotive vocals. The song’s lyrics explore being on the outside of a relationship but keeping hope that things will eventually change.

superviolet’s Infinite Spring will be remembered for its memorable and emotionally resonant songs. If you’re a fan of the The Sidekick’s work and maybe miss the more forward rock-oriented sound here don’t fret too much as the upbeat nature of most songs on this album will win you over instantly. Tracks like “Overrater” and “Angels On The Ground” have nice exploding moments that will have you quickly reconnecting with Ciolek’s voice that will carry you to the end!

“Overrater” / “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry” / “Locket”

Young Guv / Pinegrove / The Shins

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