WV White: West Virginia White [Album Review]

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wv-white-west-virginia-white WV White
West Virginia White
Anyway Records [2014]

Fire Note Says: Columbus Ohio’s WV White shines on debut full length on Anyway records.

Album Review: It would be easy to classify this release under the slacker rock category, but rest assured that the slacker term does not apply to the songwriting execution on this excellent debut by the Columbus, Ohio band WV White. While they obviously are aware of 90’s slacker pop stars like Pavement and will draw comparisons based on the sonic textures and pop sensibility of their craft, they deserve a chance to dominate your playlist based on their own songs.

The bass and keyboards blend together so perfectly on “Multiple Bathrooms”. On “Mess” they sound as if they caught the same disease that has caused fellow Ohio natives like Guided By Voices and 84 Nash/Connections to write indie rock masterpieces time after time. Both the band and the listener can only hope that this great debut is just the beginning of things to come. “Alison Lapper, Pregnant” is the opening song, which could have been pulled from any one of Sonic Youth’s great albums. Like many great songs before it, “Ford Mustang” leaves the listener wondering if they have heard this somewhere before. It’s too catchy to not have been sung before.

At ten songs long there is no filler on this album. It is chalk full of great melody, infectious bass lines, dreamy keyboards, and sonic guitar greatness. My only complaint is that I want more and I want it now! Be sure to pick this one up.

Key Tracks: “Multiple Bathrooms”, “The Mess”, “Alison Lapper, Pregnant”

Artists With Similar Fire: Pavement / Times New Viking / Parquet Courts

WV White Website
Anyway Records

– Reviewed by Joe Eversole


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