Triptides: Alter Echoes [Album Review]

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Alter Echoes
Alive Natural Sound Records [2021]

The current streaming generation, for the most part, does not seem to really like listening to one album all the way through let alone develop artist loyalty. It is just the times I guess but there are plenty of past groups that would never have “made it” if they would have not had some time to mature and grow into their sound over a series of albums. I feel that is exactly what has happened to Los Angeles new wave psych rockers Triptides as their latest record, Alter Echoes, is one of their fullest and most musically sound records to date.

The band has been releasing LPs for 10 years now and their newest and Alive Natural Sound label debut finds them with an increased quality of songwriting, precision and production. If you have a been a fan over the years, you will instantly hear this difference as the group has moved away from some of the more space aged drenched reverb psych and have cleaned up every corner and note in their arsenal. This gives the record depth and especially on ballads like “Moonlight Reflection” and the Pink Floydish “Shining,” the band is clicking at a different level.

Triptides overall combine their psychedelia with a more classic folk-rock that really works. On more upbeat songs like “It Won’t Hurt You” and “Hand Of Time,” the band turns up the guitars, grabs you with hooks and keeps you coming back for the tight arrangements. Alter Echoes is a record that needs multiple spins to sink in as it only gets better with time. Triptides have clearly moved from being a bit more on the cutting edge of the new wave psych movement but balance the lack of the beloved reverb with quality songs and a timeless sound that makes this record enjoyable no matter when you play it!

Key Tracks: “It Won’t Hurt You” / “Shining” / “Elemental Chemistry”

Artists With Similar Fire: Pink Floyd / Bananagun / Temples

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-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

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