The Dig: Bloodshot Tokyo [Album Review]

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The Dig
Bloodshot Tokyo
Roll Call Records [2017]


Who: The Dig is a four-piece band from NYC.

Sound: Groove-oriented rock/pop.

TFN Final Take: The Dig give off a good first impression. The first two tracks on Bloodshot Tokyo show what the band is capable of: a bit dreamy, very catchy, and just odd enough to stand out. However, their unique sound, which is synthesizer heavy, wears thinner and thinner as the album progresses. The lead vocals and lyrics are sufficient but fail to raise the stakes enough to leave a lasting impression. Overall, The Dig have made an album that I’m sure they put their heart and soul into, yet it’s missing a sense of danger or fun that would elevate it to another level. It’s very good; just not great.

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Roll Call Records

– Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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