Sharon Van Etten: I Don’t Want To Let You Down EP [Album Review]

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sharon-van-etten-let-you-go Sharon Van Etten
I Don’t Want To Let You Down EP
Jagjaguwar [2015]

Album Review: Sharon Van Etten’s new 5-track EP, I Don’t Want To Let You Down, feels like a coda to last year’s standout LP Are We There. However, this release is lacking some of the humor and fire that had Are We There resonating with me. Van Etten plays up pathos on these five tracks but it’s awfully heavy and slow. The title track sees her sleepily deliver lyrics that are often hard to make out and distracting. The EP picks up steam with the last two tracks but then it ends, as EPs tend to do after five songs. For fans of Van Etten this is probably still required listening, but others would be better served with sticking to her previous work.

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-Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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