Oso Oso: Sore Thumb [Album Review]

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Oso Oso
Sore Thumb
Triple Crown Records [2022]

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The surprise album release is something I really can get accustomed to because the adrenaline rush a music lover gets when you receive the news that you can hear a new record right now, that you didn’t even know existed a minute before, is off the charts. Oso Oso is the latest band to give fans instant access as Sore Thumb is the group’s fourth album and follow up to their 2019 breakout Basking In The Glow.

Sore Thumb was recorded during the winter pandemic by founder and vocalist Jade Lilitri and guitarist Tavish Maloney. The sessions were going to be the starting point of the next Oso Oso record but sadly Maloney passed away just a month later in March 2021. Sometimes with tragedy comes triumph and Oso Oso’s Sore Thumb is a prime example. Other than the final mastering work, this record was not changed since it was recorded. The album captures a great memory for Lilitri and the overall laid back freedom that exists within its boundaries surrounds you with warmth.

The gorgeousness of this record actually is the fact that is was supposed to be the beginning of something and not a final product. Instrumentally there are more experiments that includes piano and vibroslap while also having the looser drumming of Lilitri. Its imperfections are its perfection. The quick ending of “Give A Fork” works fine and the short lo-fi acoustic “All Love” gives you a seat on the couch with the guys. There are even several times when Lilitri may not hit the note perfectly but it gives Sore Thumb a very live vibe.

The key about Sore Thumb is that it never sounds incomplete. The layered harmonies we now expect from Oso Oso are here. The passionate emo delivery is here. Quick busting falsettos, muscular guitar and power pop greatness are also all here. Sore Thumb is a testament to the bond between Lilitri and Maloney that will be forever celebrated on this album. The record has turned out to be the perfect follow up to Basking In The Glow and now challenges it as their best album to date!

“Computer Exploder” / “Fly On The Wall” / “Pensecola”

Bright Eyes / Weezer / Young Guv

Basking In The Glow (2019)

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