Faith Healer: Cosmic Troubles [Album Review]

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faith-healer-cosmic-troubles Faith Healer
Cosmic Troubles
Mint Records [2015]


Fire Drill Album Review: Canada’s Faith Healer is the name under which Jessica Jalbert performs. Cosmic Troubles is the debut album for Faith Healer, although Jalbert has been kicking around the indie scene for a while now. The album is full of dream pop nuggets that are perfect for sipping on some tea on a rainy day. It has neither highs or lows, which makes for an unremarkable but decent listen. Try out album opener “Acid” or “Universe” for a sense of the album; those will let you know if you should check out the rest of Faith Healer’s stuff. If you’re in for a groovy ride that never gets too bumpy, this may be what you’re looking for.

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Mint Records

-Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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