DTCV: Uptime! [Album Review]

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dtcv-uptime DTCV
Unsatisfied Records [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: Have you ever wondered what a French-American post punk band sounds like? Well look no further than DTCV (pronounced Detective), for they will provide you with that answer! Similar in style to The Raveonettes, the duo of Fiat Lux and Vivarock have impressive pedigrees, which should be easily found thorough a little online research, but that’s not what really important. No, what’s important here is the tunes, and they are pretty remarkable, bordering on fantastic at times. Fiat Lux takes the lead on three of the tracks, but vocally this is Vivarock’s show, and her vocals are gorgeous to say the least. Uptime! Is not as massive in scope as their previous album, Hilarious Heaven, but it’s every bit as good, and in fact benefits from being more streamlined. This is art rock at its finest, part glam, part punk, part pop, and all good. It’s the perfect combination of all of those elements quite honestly. This is well worth checking out.

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– Reviewed by Kevin Poindexter

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