B Boys: Dada [Album Review]

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B Boys
Captured Tracks [2017]

Who: Brooklyn-based trio, B Boys follow up their debut EP with a solid debut LP.

Sound: B Boys’ sound takes elements of taut post punk and goofy punk and blends them together for a sound that falls somewhere in-between Wire and The Spits .

TFN Final Take: B Boys’ Dada is a fun summer album. It does not bog down with overt political statements or stances like the new Priests LP. Instead, it focuses on being a catchy and energetic collection of quasi post-punk songs.

Tracks “Energy,” “1 2 Reminder,” and “Another Thing” are just a few of the highlights on Dada. I pretty much enjoyed all 13 of the songs, but kind of got a little distracted during a few of the tracks like “Fade,” and “I.” Just a minor quibble…overall, I think fans of Parquet Courts, Wire, and The Spits would enjoy B Boys’ music.

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Captured Tracks

– Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

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