The Friday Fire Track: Van Dale – “Speak Yellow”

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fire track van dale
Today’s Fire Track comes from Columbus, Ohio’s Van Dale. The trio have a back-to-basics self-titled record coming out March 31st via Fleeting Youth Records and I will tell you that after one spin it is a fun ride!

“Speak Yellow” is the highlighted track today and I think you will dig it from its opening feedback. The song then strolls into a Dinosaur Jr. like vocal delivery and surrounds itself with big, loud and fuzzy guitars. “Speak Yellow” sizzles and simmers as it bangs along but never gets out of control, which I really like, as the chorus sticks in your head – “we’re sorry we don’t speak yellow.”

Everything about this track from Van Dale screams 90’s indie rock with its unkempt vibe but that is the appealing part. Too many bands these days are worried about finding a perfect sound and forget the key component of music – heart. Van Dale plays with theirs on the sleeve and after checking out “Speak Yellow,” I can guarantee you will be ready for more!

Van Dale Website
Van Dale Facebook
Fleeting Youth Records

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