Track Premiere: Mathew Sawyer – “October All The Time”

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The new album from artist Mathew Sawyer is called Sleep Dreamt A Brother and it’s out October 15 (tomorrow) in the U.S. via Fire Records.

The premiere of single “October All The Time” is a perfect fit for this month as its fragile but elegant structure will ease you into the Fall season. It also has October in its title!

Definitely worth a click:

You can find more information and a copy of the record HERE.

Mathew Sawyer is a renowned painter and artist and has a Masters from The Royal College of Art. He has exhibited all over the world and below you can see four portraits Mathew took of his mom after he got her to breathe onto a camera’s lens. You can also enjoy several specific words from Mathew on the subject below.


“I gave it a snappy title – Portraits of Joan Sawyer (as her breath leaves the camera lens)
I then arranged the photos so that instead of the lens getting clearer with time, her image becomes more obscured by her breath.
It’s entirely possible this may mirror the distance felt of those we miss, as time passes, or just past events of our own timeline.
After all, i’s a subjective planet.
YOU can try this at home
Take grip of a living human and get them to breathe onto your camera’s lens
You can even do yourself
Today, I call them Breath Portraits, tomorrow, probably not.”

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