Premiere Fire Track: Spllit – “Amite River”

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TFN is excited today to premiere the latest track from Baton Rouge’s Spllit. “Amite River” is the title track from their forthcoming LP, which is out July 30th on one of our favorite labels – Feel It Records!

The band consists of duo Urq and Marance and they really think outside of the box here as they bring a full spectrum of instruments to your ear that includes guitars, a Korg’s MS-20 synthesizer, various shakers, glass and metal objects, MIDI marimbas, and of course some drums. “Amite River” is the perfect representation of the groups eclectic and manic style of music that Spllit brings to your speakers as its concise 1:42 run time is a full rush.

Spllit’s feverish experimental indie rock brings to mind cutting edge bands of the past like Brainiac and The Flying Lizards while running with current groups like Writhing Squares, Dry Cleaning and Feel It label mates Spread Joy. “Amite River” is just your intro to Spllit as the LP was mastered by Caufield Schnug (Sweeping Promises) and features seven brand new cuts plus their 2020 Spllit Together cassette release. Check out the track below and hit the links to pre-order a copy of the record!

You can pre-order the album at Feel It HERE or Spllit’s Bandcamp HERE.

We also have an extra treat for you today because the video for “Amite River” was also just created and released by Spllit. You can enjoy the visual ride of this track below!

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