Fire Track: Frankie Sunswept – “Aperture Opening”

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No matter where you are, whatever the weather, this little ditty is sure to cheer you up! If you’d have told me that Frankie’s former outfit was the beachy blues of Crushed Out, I might not have believed you. First, “Aperture Opening” shows no signs of guitar and has Frankie contributing all the instruments with Kimberly Haven dream accented backing vocals. Second, the song shows joyous with its’ kaleidoscopic brand of electro, synth-pop.

I won’t say that Frankie Sunswept swept hasn’t been busy. It’s only been a little over a year since the full length Turning. Since then we’ve heard 4 tracks : “Who Loves The Rain?” “Extinction Burst,” “Dog Days,” and the aforementioned “Aperture Opening.” It seems that Frankie Sunswept isn’t slowing down anytime soon, which might signal a new LP sooner rather than later. 

Christopher Tahy

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