Fire Track: Cheekface – “We Need A Bigger Dumpster”

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Cheekface is an indie rock trio from Los Angeles consisting of guitarist/singing person Greg Katz, bassist/other singing person Amanda Tannen and drummer Mark “Echo” Edwards. It’s a band obviously influenced by the great American talk-singers like Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman and Stephen Malkmus, British post-punk bands like Wire and The Fall, and proto-indie bands like The dB’s and Minutemen. The band has already released one of our favorite records this year with their sophomore effort Emphatically No. which was also Headphone Approved!

Cheekface now follows up the album quickly with a new single, “We Need a Bigger Dumpster.” The catchy track is about boredom, panic, disease, consumer products, self-sabotage and Fritos! The song covers plenty of topics but most importantly carries the Cheekface charm.

You can find the song at their Bandcamp HERE.

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