Track Premiere: Alluvial Fans – “Droves”

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TFN is excited today to premiere a new track from Detroit’s Alluvial Fans. “Droves” is the second single off of their forthcoming sophomore album Earth To Astronaut, which will hit the streets officially on June 5th, 2020.

The track showcases the diversity that Alluvial Fans brings to your speakers. A quiet acoustic guitar intro, reverse electric guitars that move into distortion, crashing cymbals, really sharp tempo changes, a catchy chorus and then floating vocals that sew it all together. That concise description sounds like Alluvial Fans included the kitchen sink on “Droves” and potentially the track could be too cluttered but all of these pieces come together flawlessly for a post-modern indie rock out of a song!

Make sure you check out “Droves” below and then head on over to Alluvial Fans Bandcamp page HERE so you can pre-order Earth To Astronaut. I also know we are promoting snagging the album today but if you wait till tomorrow, May 1st, Bandcamp is waiving all their fees and your purchase will go straight to the band!

Alluvial Fans Website
Alluvial Fans Facebook

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